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    2018 - 12.21

    Shayleen John with newborn son Isaiah, who was the first baby to be born in NSW on Mother’s Day. Picture: Gene RamirezTHE usual gifts for Mum on Mother’s Day might be a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or a new set of winter pyjamas.
    Nanjing Night Net

    But for first-time mum Shayleen John, her present was the best of all.

    Mrs John and her husband Vijay, of Blacktown, welcomed not only their first-born, but the state’s first Mother’s Day baby on Sunday (May 10).

    Mrs John, 27, said she was originally due to give birth on May 4, and had been in the hospital for six days before her son decided to enter the world.

    “He waited until Sunday which happened to fall on Mother’s Day,” Mrs John said.

    The happy new parents said they didn’t mind whether they had a boy or girl, they just wanted to raise a healthy child.

    “We weren’t fussed about the gender, all we wanted was a healthy baby and we were blessed with exactly that,” Mrs John said.

    Proud parents Vijay and Shayleen John with baby Isaiah. Picture: Gene Ramirez

    Mrs John said the couple were so happy and overwhelmed when she gave birth to their son, they hadn’t even realised it was Mother’s Day.

    “We were so caught up in the moment,” Mrs John said.

    “We didn’t take notice of the time and date when he was born until we were told his birth time was 12.05am,” she said.

    The Johns, who met in year 11, named their son Isaiah Aditya John.

    The couple had spoken about baby names long before Mrs John became pregnant.

    “I had discussed the name Aditya to Vijay when we were younger, then years later his grandmother mentioned that his grandfather wanted to name him Aditya,” Mrs John said.

    “We decided it was more than a coincidence so we had to incorporate it into our son’s name.”

    Isaiah is a biblical name meaning the salvation of the Lord.

    Mrs John said giving birth was the best gift she could ever have.

    “My son being brought into the world on Sunday was the best Mother’s Day gift I could ever receive,” she said.

    Isaiah measured 52 centimetres and weighed 3.8 kilograms.

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