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    2019 - 09.21

    SENATOR Bridget McKenzie’s accusation that animal activists are “social do-gooders” is spot on the money.

    However, not with the negative stigma attached that she would hope for.

    What is wrong with wanting to do good in society?

    For generations, we have treated animals like they are merely a means to an end.

    Annually, humans kill approximately 150 billion animals.

    For some reason, we as a society fail to comprehend that animals feel pain and terror just as vividly as we do.

    According to Ms McKenzie, our hunting practices are justified because they are “incredibly legal”.

    Moreover, “it is in our very DNA” and is a “way of life”.

    Such a poignant way to look at the slaughter of a harmless animal, don’t you think?

    The main problem with attempting to justify an unjust act, such as shooting a helpless animal, by reference to our legal system and pastimes, is that morality is always two steps ahead of the law.

    Until the late 20th century it was legal in the majority of Australian states for married men to rape their wives.

    Australia has a terrible history of legally discriminating based on gender, sexuality and skin colour.

    The legal ownership of black slaves was the foundation of modern America.

    These examples, of which there are countless others, have several commonalities.

    Firstly, they were all “incredibly legal pastimes”.

    Secondly, they all involved the exploitation of a weaker group by an oppressor.

    And thirdly, they are all now regarded as an insult to our moral conscience.

    It would appear that just because a certain “way of life” is the status quo does not make it right.

    Our exploitation of animals is no different to the above examples.

    Unfortunately, discrimination doesn’t discriminate.

    If you can discriminate based on species, you can discriminate based on gender, race, or whatever. Why?

    Because discrimination is based upon an elitist view of the world.

    The very elitist view that Ms McKenzie accuses animal activists of.

    So, instead of referring to animal activists as “elitist bent” with an agenda to “persecute those who participate in incredibly legal pastimes”, perhaps Ms McKenzie should take a long hard look in the mirror.

    The person looking back will be one with the arrogance to suggest that the economic benefits of animal “persecution” outweigh the cruelty inflicted.

    There is no moral justification for the exploitation of a harmless and defenceless animal. When it comes to oppression, which is what our treatment of animals is, it pays to put yourself in the shoes (or wings, hooves, fur, etc) of those being oppressed or ill-treated.

    It is far too easy to sit back and say there are “positive impacts” of shooting when you’re not the one being shot at. Mahatma Ghandi once said, “the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Well, with barbaric senators such as Ms McKenzie at the helm, I shddter at how history will remember us.

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