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    2019 - 01.21

    Teen ambassadors an inspiration Olivia Sargent
    Nanjing Night Net

    Rachelle Rativo

    TweetFacebook Blacktown Youth AmbassadorsPictures by Gene RamirezNAGLE College student Olivia Sargent and Rooty Hill High School student Rachelle Rativo are Blacktown City’s 2015 Youth Ambassadors.

    Olivia, in year 11, said the selection process involved a written application explaining why she wanted the role; an interview with eight members of the council; a written quiz and the delivery of a five-minute speech relating to this year’s theme on how the youth of Blacktown are influenced by technology and the ways the council can use technology to enhance the Sister Cities program.

    “I explained how the evolution of technology will impact and contribute to the communication and interaction between people on opposite sides of the world, and connect us to one another,” Olivia said.

    “My parents and I were extremely shocked and so happy when it was announced that I was one of [those] chosen.”

    Rachelle, of Quakers Hill, said she was honoured to have been selected.

    Also in year 11, she said people at school often told her how much of an inspiration she was to them.

    “I always tell them I’m no different from them, I’m just an average teen and the secret is — if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything,” she said.

    Rachelle said legal studies was her favourite subject and she wanted to pursue a career in law.

    The girls said they’re looking forward to the experience.

    “Rachelle and I will have a very busy 12 months ahead of us,” Olivia said.

    “We’ll [attend] a number of civic functions, presenting speeches at citizenship ceremonies and representing the youth of Blacktown City at the Young Australian Sister Cities Conference in September.”

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